Business Plans

I promised in my last update that I would give you a little more information on my plan, the business plan that will help me put into motion the dream I’ve had for the past decade or so. As you may know by now, I’ve always been interested in opening a surf shop, and primarily I wanted to do so in Australia. I’ve been there a few times on the surf circuit, and have absolutely fallen in love with the place. Fortunately, I still have some friends and business minded folks in the area there whom I’ve been chatting with over the past few months.

One of my former friendly rivals and I have had the best success in talking about the ability to actually open a shop there. Using a business partner would certainly make things easier, as I still have to apply for Visa’s and other such business related papers. But that process has slowly been starting to take shape. I love sitting on the phone with Paul (my potential partner) and just talking about our dreams for this shop.

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Support The ISA World Adaptive Surfing Championships

This September one of my favourite events comes to town the ISA World Adaptive Surfing Championships. This event blows my mind every time as I am one, a keen surfer through and through, and two, a big supporter of helping others and making people with disabilities feel like they have a chance at something that “Normal” people do. I think so many people take just having an existence, a life to live for granted and that sucks.

The event is happening in La Jolla, California from 24-27 September and promises like it always does to be a super cool weekend of surfing and activities. There is a range of training and clinics at the event as well as the competition itself.

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Life After Surfing

Ok, so now I’m thinking about building this blog out and hopefully getting a whole bunch of people to like what I say and have an opportunity to connect with so many people. I have an idea of opening a surf store on the east coast of Australia, where I have been a few times when I was competing. One, they have great beaches there and two it’s an awesome place and I have some friends there who are willing to help me out. The dream is to move over and do it all there but if it doesn’t work I definitely will do it over here as it is a dream of mine to stay involved in the surfing world.

Western Australian Surf Spot

Photo credit: Glaser

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Entry 1

Well, my name is Andy Tyne and your reading the first post on my new website 

First of all thanks for visiting and welcome to my new blog. I’m a 36 year old who grew up in the heart of LA, California and was obsessed with the surfers lifestyle of waking up on the beach and going for a surf first thing in the morning listening to those waves crashing on the shore. My parents were down right hippies and surfers themselves but not in a professional or competitive sense, just had that feeling that surfers have of being free and overwhelmed by the natural beauty of the ocean doing it’s thing. Whether it be laying on the sand closing your eyes and just listening to those waves pounding away or in the water fighting your way through surf, there is something that us surfers just get that others don’t and I personally don’t want to ever loose that feeling.

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